Chain Strap Restore


Commonly found on Chanel handbags, the leather woven in the strap can become discoloured and worn. If this isn’t treated along with the rest of the bag it can often stand out more than before. This service involves unthreading the chain strap, cleaning the leather, re-colouring and re-finishing the leather before re-threading and securing with a stitch.

from $200.00


We Recommend:

Adding this treatment to a Colour Restore as often the strap can appear more faded after the rest of the bag has been done.

Service Includes:

  • Unthreading of the leather
  • Strap is cleaned, colour restored and finished
  • Leather is rethreaded in to chain and stitched with matching thread through existing holes, unless originally glued

Suitable For:

  • All handbags with woven chain

Please note - this does not include colour restoring discoloured hardware. If leather in chain strap is in extremely bad condition this can lead to breakages.